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Patch three-color medical beauty special LED smd chip

Time: 2019-07-08  View: 587  Author: Paul
With the improvement of the living standards of the public, the quality of life has become more and more stressful. Recently, the beauty mask products in Korean beauty and beauty are a photoelectric mask products made of beauty LED lamp beads, but they are all using a single Light-colored LED lamp beads, such beauty mask products have the disadvantage of single product function. The second generation products adopt two-color and three-color lamp-bead integrated mask products, but since the LED lamp beads are still in a single-color package, although It solves the problem that the single mask product has a single function, but the light-emitting effect is not ideal, uneven, and the multi-color is uneven when mixed, glare, and large heat.

  Let's first look at what effect each band has:

15 minutes on the spot, 3 cycles to change a new face, long-term use for a lifetime of youth;

Six functions: whitening, blemishes, anti-aging, firming, skin rejuvenation, acne;

Three colors of light solve 10 skin problems in one fell swoop;

Function: LED beauty mask uses 415nm, 630nm, 930nm low frequency excitation therapy;

Small, lightweight and easy to carry;

Perfect fit with the face, no need to worry about glare and burns;

The instrument uses a button for power adjustment, and a knob or button to adjust power or therapy switching;

The use of medical plastic or metal materials should take into account factors such as contact skin allergies;

Advantages: skin whitening, lubrication, wrinkle reduction, anti-aging, suitable for most people;

1, red light: 640-660NM, play the role of whitening and skin rejuvenation.

2, orange light: 600-610NM, supplement cell energy.

3, Blu-ray: 450-460NM, deep sterilization, balance skin oil

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