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Judging the essential difference between good and bad smd led chip

Time: 2018-08-13  View: 1036  Author: Paul

In recent years, due to the rapid rise of LED companies, industry disputes have intensified. Now the market price of led is varied and the quality is uneven. Many reasons are in the Chinese market. The appearance of the products is almost the same, there is no patent, so the price war has caused the quality to be uneven. Everyone wants a good quality product, but it is hard to find such a thing on the market.

    Below Paul will learn about LED packaging products in the company training and in the process of production line observation, I know some of the tricks that are easy to appear in the LED lamp bead packaging link to share with you.

      First: the manufacturing process of smd led:

Taking high-lumen smd led as an example, the main production methods are solid crystal, wire bonding, dispensing, cap lens filling, spectroscopic, packaging, etc. The technology of each link is different, but the whole is not technology. It is the good or bad of raw materials, and raw materials are an important reason for determining the price of the entire lamp. Such as: 1W crystal 35mil lamp beads, the required price is 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1 yuan or more, etc., these prices are reasonable, there is no profiteering, so as a selected customer, master The construction of raw materials is an important factor in the discovery of high quality packaging plants.

      Second: factors affecting the price of led lights:

Take the 35mil chip as an example. There are 0.2-0.4 yuan 1w crystals 35mil lamp beads on the market (basically from the packaging factory, re-splitting products, generally defective), there are about 35 yuan of crystal 35mil lamp beads (generally It is made of fake crystals. There are 0.8 yuan of 35mm lamp beads (usually ordinary materials are not very good things to do), there are also 1 yuan of crystal 35mil lamp beads (generally the material selection Ok, do the quality of the packaging factory to do). Xiao Bian will choose what kind of materials for each packaging factory, and tell you what kind of products to make (for example, the imitation lumens, other lamps are the same). Yuanlei Technology uses high-end and expensive wafer chips, because only a good chip can have a high-quality LED lamp. Here Paul will share with you the tricks that will appear in the production process.

1. The solid crystal process is the so-called solid crystal, which is to fix the chip on the bracket. The selected bracket is a good standard. When selecting the led lamp bead, the choice of the bracket has iron bracket, aluminum bracket and copper. Brackets, etc. The iron bracket is the cheapest, the aluminum bracket is the second, and the copper bracket is the most expensive. The iron bracket used has almost no thermal conductivity, which makes the use of led lamp beads worse and worse, resulting in shorter life. The use of aluminum brackets has slightly improved thermal conductivity, but the copper brackets are far apart, so for the source technology Speaking, the commitment is responsible for the packaging of each led lamp bead, and the copper bracket is used, which is one of the reasons why the source lamp's lamp bead price is higher than the general brand.


2, the welding line process, the greasy welding line is to link the chip and the bracket with the gold wire. The raw material used is the gold wire. According to the market classification, there are two kinds of alloy wire and gold wire, and the gold wire is divided into two according to the thickness. The cost of 0.7, 0.9, 1.0, 1.2 and other alloy wires is very low, while the cost of gold wires is relatively high. Many inferior manufacturers use the link of alloy wires to fool some uninformed merchants to choose, gold wire The ductility is very good. It determines the key role of LED lamp beading and point closing. The application of alloy wire is easy to cause dead light, and the service life is shorter and the use of gold wire. The lamp bead products are constructed with gold wires to ensure a longer life of each lamp bead.


3, the speculative process of the speculative process, is the packaging of each packaging manufacturer according to customer needs, such as 100K, to the customer is about 92K, many inferior packaging manufacturers do low-end products, the fundamental No light, only the dead lights are destroyed, the rest of the products are given to the customer, ensuring that the shipping rate is as high as 99% or more, and Yuanlei Technology ensures that each LED lamp is shipped for spectroscopic testing to ensure that The cargo rate has no color difference, double BIN is 90%, and generally more than 90% are color difference. A single BIN is 70%, ensuring zero chromatic aberration to the maximum, which is also a reason for the price difference.

Finally, Paul sums it up: From the above several cases, it can be seen that the competition for the whole price is only a series of transformations on the cost of raw materials. As a responsible packaging factory, Yuanke Optoelectronics, for each lamp bead In the manufacturing process of the products, they are strictly observed to eliminate the use of inferior raw materials. A good LED lamp is important for the application of light source, and a good light source requires a good LED lamp bead. Only the lamp bead product is ready. In order to make each luminaire product more widely used and more common, of course, there are some external conditions that determine the price of the lamp bead, such as the outer casing, power supply, etc. The factors of these accessories are also a major process leading to price differences. . Due to the impact of the price war, nowadays, from the point of view of the market, there are only a few packaging manufacturers that have selected materials. Zhongshan does not need to say it. This is why many well-known manufacturers prefer to abandon the original industrial supply chain. Far away, I came to Shenzhen Yuanke Photoelectric Co., Ltd. to purchase the lamp beads.
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