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How about LED SMD chip?

Time: 2019-07-25  View: 434  Author: Paul
How about LED SMD lamp beads?

Shenzhen LED SMD lamp bead manufacturers

    The LED SMD bead is made of FPC circuit board, LED lamp and high quality silicone casing. Waterproof performance, safe and convenient to use low-voltage DC power supply, various colors and bright colors; outdoor use can resist UV aging, yellowing, high temperature resistance, etc. This product is widely used in building contour lights, entertainment venues, decorative lighting, advertising decoration The field of lighting. Below, Shenzhen LED SMD lamp bead manufacturer Gao Feijie Technology Co., Ltd. to introduce the characteristics of led patch lamp beads:

    1, can be bent at will, can be arbitrarily fixed on the concave and convex surface;

    2. Each 2 LED lights can form a loop;

    3, small size, rich colors;

    4, with high brightness, adjustable lighting angle, installation, length can be customized according to requirements;

    5, energy saving: constant current drive, ultra low power consumption, electro-optical power close to 100%;

    6, environmental protection: no ultraviolet, infrared radiation, no heat, no mercury leakage risk;

    7, longevity: 5-8 million hours, more than 10 times the life of traditional fluorescent lamps.

    LED SMD lamp bead application place introduction:

    Jewelry showcase lighting, display cabinet lighting, cabinet lighting, wardrobe lighting, store decoration lighting, lighting art lighting, advertising light box lighting, and hotel, hotel, home villa decoration lighting.
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