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smd led chip and patch difference Do you know?

Time: 2019-07-26  View: 654  Author: Paul
Smd led chip and patch difference Do you know?

Lamps are inseparable from our lives. In life, the appearance of various lamps has brought a lot of convenience to people's lives. Among the wide variety of lighting products, LED lamp beads and patch types have attracted consumers' attention. What are the main differences between these two different types of lighting?

Led lamp beads and patch difference

Let's take a look at the characteristics of LED lamp beads. The angle of LED lamp beads is very small, which is a relatively concentrated light source. The range is very long, but the illumination range is limited, and the general angle of LED patches is large, which is scattered. The range of illumination is wider, but the range is relatively close. The LED beads are emitted by the discharge, and the LED patches are emitted by the cold light. On the contrary, what are the advantages of the patch? The LED patch is also an LED lamp bead. Ordinary LEDs have two or four pins, others have no needles, and copper foils that are close to the board are soldered the same. The key to choosing a lamp bead is to consider color temperature, color rendering index, light efficiency, light attenuation, and power quality. Buy these better quality things.

What is the difference between them? There are many forms of LED beads, mainly considering various forms of power dissipation.

What are the advantages of LED lamp beads? The shape of the light-emitting diode (LED) lamp in the LED (light-emitting diode) lamp has undergone direct insertion and patching. With the advancement of technology, multiple LED (light-emitting diode) light-emitting chips and high-power light-emitting diode (Led) light-emitting elements are directly Packaged on a substrate (integrated circuit and heat sink design) to form a compact, high power and ultra high power LED illuminator, this is the "cob" (looks like a bead, actually a set of beads).

What are the advantages of the patch? Integrated LEDs are often an alternative to COB sources on the market, but it is virtually impossible to remove the features of COB sources. COB is an on-board chip that directly encapsulates a small power chip on an aluminum substrate, which has rapid heat dissipation, small chip area, high heat dissipation efficiency, and low drive current. Therefore, it has the advantages of low thermal resistance and high thermal conductivity. It has higher brightness and lower thermal resistance than a normal SMD low power light source (if the light is on, the function of the light bulb is essentially unimpeded). If the light is off, replace the red and black test leads and retest. To avoid the yin and yang relative to some of the general lamp beads. Illuminate the lamp bead to see if the color and color temperature of the lamp be in compliance. Is the brightness appropriate? Choose the right lamp bead. So we found that they have their own advantages.

In summary, the lamp beads and patches have their own advantages. When you want to buy lighting, you can purchase different styles and types of products depending on your choice. When it comes to LED beading and patching, their range of use is different. At this time, you can choose and purchase according to your needs.
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